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  • Marian_Anderson Washington Performing Arts Society Hosts Tribute to Marian Anderson

    The beauty of her voice could not be denied. However, her skin tone did deny her the right to sing wherever she wanted. 75 years ago, Marian Anderson did not let her color stop the world from hearing her voice. During the time that Anderson was at the peak of her career, racial segregation in the United States was the norm in the South and in several aspects of life in northern cities.

  • Opinion: My Cousin Died While Talking on her Cellphone and Driving

    JaMary Wells, my 22-year-old cousin, was talking on her smartphone while driving. The distraction cost JaMary her life. As I began to get more information about the accident, I found out that my cousin suffered cranial injuries from the accident in which her car slammed into a tree.

  • April is Autism Awareness Month

    Did you know that April is Autism Awareness month? Autism is a brain disorder that can affect behavioral, mental and physical aspects of a person. Some symptoms of Autism are delayed functions, such as talking and walking. There are different forms of Autism from mild to severe.

  • Blossoms National Cherry Blossom Festival Heads into Its Last Week

    The District has welcomed the arrival of spring with the National Cherry Blossom Festival, a three-week long citywide series of events showcasing the gift of more than 3,000 cherry blossom trees from Japan. “We welcome spring with over 25 days of events that are mostly free and open to the public,” said Danielle Davis, festival spokeswoman.

  • Plans for New DC Zoning Regs Worry Residents

    The District’s Office of Planning is teetering on a thin line between making the city appealing to newcomers and retaining families that have resided in the city’s neighborhoods for decades. In the process of revising the city’s zoning regulations, the Office of Planning proposed a number of drastic changes, including a plan that would allow the creation of corner stores in row house neighborhoods as a matter-of-right.

  • Nurish Food Nurish Food + Drink Latest Eatery to Open in Anacostia

    French cuisine inspired café NURISH Food + Drink has come to  Historic Anacostia not only to nourish the body, but  also to revitalize and revamp the image of  Historic Anacostia. NURISH Food + Drink is in the Anacostia Arts Center, which also houses art galleries, boutiques, a yoga studio, a cooperative working space and much more.

  • Darrel Thompson Ward 6 Dems to Choose Local or National Experience in Council Race

    The Democratic Primary battle for Ward 6 council member has come down to whether voters in the ward prefer a candidate whose experience in politics and government is largely local or national. Charles Allen brings the local flavor to the race. He says he has worked more than a decade on D.

  • Library 2 D.C. Archaeologist Shares Findings with Library Patrons

    The Georgetown Neighborhood Library’s Peabody Room is known for housing some of its community’s historic information. Now, the room has included a new aspect to its collection—archaeology not related just to Georgetown, but to the entire city. Ruth Trocolli, a D.

  • lance london Founder of Carolina Kitchen Branches out to Burgers

    DC-based restaurateur Lance London, owner of the southern food Carolina Kitchen eateries, will open his latest venture, TKO Burger this month next door to his Carolina Kitchen at Rhode Island Row in Northeast Washington. “Hopefully the snow won’t set us back,” said London who has been planning to launch the restaurant’s opening for several months only to be delayed by legal hassles and the D.

  • Lyft Need A Ride? Get A Lyft

    If you have yet to see vehicles with huge pink mustaches driving throughout your neighborhood, you can expect to see it soon.  That bright pink, furry mustache stuck to the front of dozens of cars is the signature of Lyft, a car pickup service run solely from your Apple and Android devices.

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IDEA Public Charter School Objects To Potential Closing

IDEA pleads its case of low academic achievement to PCSB at public hearing to dismiss revocation.

Parents, students and members of the Ward 7 community filled Integrated Design Electronics Academy (IDEA) Public Charter School’s auditorium Thursday for a public hearing that allowed IDEA board members to address the school’s current state of low academic performance to Public Charter School Board. Full story

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The 411 On The Sneaker Craze

While some people were holding their breath for a white Christmas, thousands of others were breathing out white, frigid air-smoke while waiting in line to purchase Michael Jordan’s latest sneaker; his November 1995 re-release, the Air Jordan Retro Concord 11s.