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Fenty volunteer

Ward 1 Precinct Captain on the Job for 20 Years

The fatigue was evident in her eyes. "Not only am I tired, but I'm sick with a cold," said Rita J. Dorsey, the captain for voting precinct 37 who had been at the Banneker Community Recreation Center since 5 a.m. "But this is something I like to do, so I do it. I just do it."

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Amber Fenty Supporter

Tensions Intensify Between Supporters of Opposing Sides

During the final stretch of the mayoral race, tension among supporters of opposing candidates ran high. At the Frank D. Reeves Municipal Center polling site, fervent cries for both candidates filled the intersection. 

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Fenty, Gray Supporters Line Streets, Precinct Sidewalks to Persuade Voters

Months have passed and the talk around Washington says incumbent mayor Adrian Fenty and D.C. Council Chairman Vince Gray are the two frontunners for D.C.'s mayoral race. On Connecticut Ave at the Chevy Chase Community Center, spirits and energy were high as supporters reminded voters to vote for the right man. Read on to see who supporters said he was.

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Ward 4 Residents Won't Vote and Tell

Some Ward 4 residents wouldn't reveal who they supported, but they were open about why they voted.

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Campaign Colors

Despite Competition, Campaign Volunteers Unite as Neighbors in Ward 5

With tents raised and signs prominently displayed, campaign workers lined the sidewalk. The groups seemed fired up, their passion electrifying. But this was no campfire gathering. It was the last day of campaigning for longtime Ward 5 residents who wanted to see more progress.

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Precinct 66 Sticks to the Rules, Voters Voice their Concerns

Ward 5 precinct 66 voters used every method to cast their ballot for mayor in the D.C. primary. Some used paper; others, the voting machine. Elders even voted from their cars. However they voted and whomever they voted for, Ward 5 voters at precinct 66 came out and addressed their issues.

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Shaw Middle School @ Garnet-Patterson.jpg

Fenty, Gray Volunteers Push Their Man in Ward 5

Volunteers for Democratic mayoral candidates Adrian M. Fenty and Vincent C. Gray create a buzz of activity outside the Turkey Thicket Recreational Center in Ward 5.

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Alexa Murray Signs

Emotions Run High in Ward 6

Ward 6 residents sound off about their mayoral candidates of choice as well as their views on current mayor Adrian Fenty. On primary election day, some don't plan to vote, some don't see the purpose of casting a ballot, and others look for change. 

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Ward 8 resident

Voting Problems Delay Balloting in Wards 7 and 8

Voting machine malfunctions, frustration with mayoral governing and a desire for change in leadership marked Primary Election Day in Wards 7 and 8. 

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