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  • D.C. Sniper John Allen Muhammad

    Commentary: When Guns Fall Into the Wrong Hands

    Tonight's Execution in Sniper Case, Fort Hood Incident Highlight Need for Gun Control

    The sniper case is just one example of how innocent people's lives are put at risk everyday by having guns in the hands of the wrong people. In light of today's memorial service at Fort Hood, Texas, this is a disheartening message for Americans.

  • Commentary: A Real-Life Precious Rises From Cracks in Education

    The movie "Precious" reminded me of a girl I had the privilege of teaching over the summer. Her vibrant personality and confidence stood out, but she would not budge when it was time to work. After my journalism student broke down, I understood why. As a high school senior, she was reading and writing at a ninth-grade level. 

  • Commentary: College Students Should Be a Priority for Health Care

    To adapt a line from a popular credit-card commercial: Tuition, $20,000 a year; books, $1,000 a year; room and board, $6,000 a year. Graduating with a degree, a job and affordable health insurance? That's priceless.

Opinion: My Cousin Died While Talking on her Cellphone and Driving

Her Fatal Crash Likely Caused by Distracted Driving

JaMary Wells, my 22-year-old cousin, was talking on her smartphone while driving. The distraction cost JaMary her life. As I began to get more information about the accident, I found out that my cousin suffered cranial injuries from the accident in which her car slammed into a tree. Full story

Opinion: Brunch Outing Brings Unexpected Lesson

All I wanted was a mimosa. But what I got instead was a reality check that was harder to swallow than the citrusy-champagne concoction I craved. The sun had finally decided to make a cameo in D.C. after weeks of snow and crippling cold weather. It was a Saturday, and the emptiness in the cabinets of my apartment was battling with the empty echo in my stomach. Full story